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Green tea is heated immediately after being picked. Whether pan-fired, steamed or fired in an oven, the goodness of the leaf is sealed inside. The resulting tea is very delicate. To prevent cooking the leaves and destroying their subtle notes, green tea should be brewed in water that is well below boiling. Green tea has a short life span - it doesn't stay fresh long. Given the high levels of polyphenols, it is believed to provide significant health benefits.

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Jasmine Pearls (4 oz - 1 lb) Yellow Mountain Hao Ya (4 oz) Tai Ping Hou Kui (2 oz) Lu'an Gua Pian (2 oz)
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Zhejiang Green (4 oz) Hojicha (4 oz) Gyokuro (2 oz) Sencha Fukamushi (4 oz)
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Genmaicha (4 oz) Tea Samples
Genmaicha Green Tea | In Pursuit of Tea TS001 - Tea Samples
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